Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Zune Player

Matt got me a Zune Player for my Birthday and it's great. I can't get any radio stations in my office at work but I can download podcasts the next day for some shows I like to listen to at work. I can also listen to music. Matt also got me an armband so that I can wear the zune while working out at the gym. I'm looking forward to using it at the gym, music really motivates me while I'm working out.

Another great thing about it is the Zune Pass. It is $15 a month and you can download unlimited amounts of music and you can "keep" 10 songs a month (that means that if you cancel your membership the songs that you decide to keep will stay on your computer) so basically it's like buying a new cd every month but you can discover all kinds of new music as well. This is really good for Matt because he can check out new music to do in church without buying a bunch of cd's. I have discovered a lot of new music and have been able to download a lot of Kids music for Henry and Zoe who both love to listen to music and dance in the playroom during the day and Henry always asks for music in the car. Thanks Matt for my present!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun game to pass the time!

This is a fun little game. Post what yours is. Mine is: I loved my best friend's boyfriend in an elevator because I'm sexy and I do what I want.

Pick the month you were born:

January-------I kicked February------I loved March--------I karate chopped April----------I licked May----------I jumped on June----------I smelled July-----------I did the Macarena With August--------I had lunch with September----I danced with October-------I sang to November-----I yelled at December-----I ran over

Pick the day (number) you were born on:

1-------a birdbath 2-------a monster 3-------a phone 4-------a fork 5-------a snowman 6-------a gangster 7-------my mobile phone 8-------my dog 9-------my best friends' boyfriend 10-------my neighbor 11-------my science teacher 12-------a banana 13-------a fireman 14-------a stuffed animal 15-------a goat 16-------a pickle 17-------your mom 18-------a spoon 19------ - a smurf 20-------a baseball bat 21-------a ninja 22-------Chuck Norris 23-------a noodle 24-------a squirrel 25-------a football player 26-------my sister 27-------my brother 28-------an iPod 29-------a surfer 30-------a homeless guy 31-------a llama

What is the last number of the year you were born:

1--------- In my car 2 --------- On your car 3 ----------- In a hole 4 ----------- Under your bed 5 ----------- Riding a Motorcycle 6 --------- sliding down a hill 7 --------- in an elevator 8---------- at the dinner table 9 -------- In line at the bank 0 -------- in your bathroom

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:

White---------because I'm cool like that Black---------because that's how I roll. Pink-----------because I'm NOT crazy. Red-----------because the voices told me to. Blue-----------because I'm sexy and I do what I want Green---------because I think I need some serious help. Purple---------because I'm AWESOME! Gray----------because Big Bird said to and he's my leader. Yellow--------because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars Orange--------because my family thinks I'm stupid anyway. Brown---------because I can. Other----------because I'm a Ninja! None----------because I can't control myself!

Now type out the sentence you made

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today I am 31

Well, I am one year older today and I am truly blessed! Thank you to all the happy birthday wishes from everyone. I feel so loved!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Look what I got!

I was given my service award yesterday for 5 years at Sanders Bros. My actual anniversary was September 22, 2008. This is the longest I have ever worked anywhere. I got a watch and a plaque for my years of service. I need to hang the plaque in my office.

I hope that Sanders Bros. will make it through these tough economic times so that I can get a 10 years of service award in 2013!