Monday, May 9, 2011

Zoe turned 3 today

I know I wrote a little about Zoe in my Mother's day post yesterday but since it's her birthday, I figured I'd write a little something else and share some then and now pictures of my sweet girl. Lately I have been catching Zoe with an opened jar of peanut butter and a spoon, having a little snack. She loves to go to the refrigerator and get slices of cheese. She is a dare-devil and loves to jump from high places. She doesn't like to wear clothes very much and I have caught her playing outside in only her underwear on a few occasions. Right now she loves Dora the Explorer, Strawberry Shortcake, and Care Bears. Her and Henry love to play super heroes and "people" when they play Superheroes, she is either windville (who blows a windy wind) or gooey squash (who gooey's people) When they play people, she is "mom" and Henry is "dad" and they have a "kid" named "jaja".

She loves to laugh, play and sing. I love her too much!

Here is Zoe as a newborn

May 2008 160

1 year old


2 years old
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173 copy2

and now

IMG_9005 edit copy


Happy Birthday to sweet Zoe!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

There are days when I love being a mother and there are other days. As I write this, Henry is in the backyard playing in the sandbox, pretending he is some sort of super hero or magical being that can change into any creature imaginable. Zoe is taking her afternoon nap on the day before her 3rd birthday. Matt is at work and I am trying to have a relaxing mother's day.

All day today, I have told the kids "stop fighting, it's mother's day" or " be good, it's mother's day" seems to be working so far. Maybe I'll try it tomorrow too. :)

fbIMG_7050milk copy

Henry, my first born is my biggest challenge as a mother. Unless he is sleeping, he is never still. First thing every morning he comes and snuggles in bed while kicking me. When I can't stand it anymore I get up. He is seemingly always hungry and always needing something from me. No one else on earth can make me as happy and as angry as Henry can. He knows how to push my buttons and he knows how to make my heart melt. He is so smart and I sometimes worry that I am not doing a good job raising him. Henry is completely tenacious and if he wants something he doesn't relent until he is satisfied. I know that this personality trait can be a great thing when he is an adult if I can teach him how to use it beneficially. I'm so scared sometimes that he will just be a brat though. I don't want my children to be brats. I just pray about it a lot. I ask God to please give me wisdom in raising him. I just have a feeling of peace about it that God has big plans for Henry. He is a leader, he is smart and he has an incredible imagination.

Zoe 3 year portraits

Zoe, my sweet, sweet Zoe. What can I say about her. She is beautiful both inside and out. She has a fragile spirit and wants to be a good girl. You can just see the hurt and disappointment on her face if she gets into trouble. She is Henry's "right hand man" and loves playing with him, looking for bugs and getting into mischief with him. She stands up to her brother too. She doesn't let him push her around. When she meets someone new she'll say, "I'm Zoe, this is my friend Henry" She loves music, she learns the lyrics to songs quickly and sings along. She is always singing, dancing and laughing. She gives the best hugs, the kind of hug that just feels like she is melting into you.

Matt is a wonderful husband and father. I am completely head over heels for him. He helps me to get through the days that being a mom is not easy. I love it when he steps in on days that I can't take the whining and crying anymore. Thanks Matt for always having my back.