Friday, July 30, 2010

Picture of me taken over 10 years ago

this pic always cracks me up! I was in 10th grade I think and I have my dad's workboots on. I was trying to go for an artsy look! LOL

not sure if it will work, but you can see it bigger on Facebook

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 9: a photo you took

Well, I missed yesterday's assignment! I'll have to do it another day. Todays assignment is hard. I have too many pictures to choose from, it's hard to choose only one. This is a picture I took a few days ago of Henry. There's something about it I really love!

Monday, July 26, 2010

5 things I couldn't possibly live without

Let's just get rid of the obvious right now (God, my family, food, air, car, electricity, water blah, blah, blah) Let's not take this topic too seriously! :)

1. The internet
2. My camera
3. Contact Lenses(can't see without them! and I hate glasses!)
4. Chocolate
5. Coffee

A moment you would like to relive

There have been a lot of great moments in my life, I think my favorite moment to relive in my mind is the first time I kissed my husband, Matt. It was magical and innocent and beautiful. Of course, every time I kiss him it is wonderful but there is just something about a first kiss. You both are unsure, don't want to be rejected, don't want the other person to think you are a bad kisser, it's like jumping off a cliff into water below. You are so scared and excited at the same time. You know that once you step off, there is no going back. You are either gonna have a great experience or you're gonna bash your head open on the rocks below. (or in this case get your heart broken)

I was unsure of dating Matt when we first started hanging out together. His brother Will and my sister, Kelly had just gotten married and if our relationship didn't work out it had the potential of being awkward. Not to mention the fact that I am a lot older than him (I was 23 and he was 19 when we started dating). It's funny, because I remember the conversation I had with Matt right after we had our first kiss. I look back and think, "man, I was blunt! Most guys would have thought I was crazy and got out of there as fast as they could!" I think the conversation went a little like this:

Me: If you want to date me, you have to know that I am 23 and I'm gonna wanna get married in a couple years, I know you are young and that might not be something you want. So, if you don't want to get married in a couple years we might as well not even start anything.

Matt: Ok

Me: and if we don't work out you have to promise that when we break up, things won't be weird between us (because of Kelly and Will being married)

Matt: OK

Me: and I'm older than you, I want to have children before I'm 30 so you will be a young father.

Matt: OK

I think he must have liked me a lot because I sounded like a psycho woman! He kept his end of the bargain though since we did get married a couple years later. (well 2 1/2 years later) and we had our first child when I was 28 and our second when I was 30.

I love Matt so much and I'm so glad that I jumped off that cliff!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Favorite quote

"Why not go out on a limb? That's where all the fruit is!" Will Rogers

and another from Mr. Rogers

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Favorite tv show

This topic is easy for me. I don't watch too much TV. My favorite show, hands down is "The Office" It is the funniest thing ever. I don't just laugh when I watch this show, I LAUGH MY BUTT OFF! If you've never seen "The Office" you need to check it out. Enjoy some funny stuff!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Favorite Book

I like to read. I don't have a favorite book though. I guess it would be the Bible. The instruction book on life! Sorry that this post is lame! I'll do better tomorrow! LOL

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today I'm supposed to blog about a favorite movie. I really love to watch movies when I get the chance. Some of my favorite movies are, The Lord of The Rings trilogy, Seabiscuit, Love Actually, Toy Story 3, Pirates of the Carribean and Napoleon Dynamite. This is just to name a few! I also love old movies like Gone with the Wind and Breakfast at Tiffany's and musicals like Chicago and Grease.

One movie that I figured I would write about today, since most people probably haven't even heard of it is Waiting for Guffman. This movie is a documentary style comedy about a small town theater group. It takes the viewer from Auditions to the performance of the show. It is cleverly acted and "written" I say that in quotes because some of the scenes are completley improvised. I think it is a movie that not everyone will "get" or like. It was funnier the second time I watched it, the first time I watched it I didn't know what to expect and so I was caught off guard. Here is a scene from the movie so you can sort of see what I mean.

and, just cuz, here's some Napolean Dynamite :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

hmmm, I must be a weirdo.

Today I'm supposed to blog about my favorite song. I don't have one. I have a lot of songs that I like to listen, sing and dance to but I don't have a favorite. I decided to show you all a few of my favorite songs to dance to. up until now, my husband has been the only person to have the pleasure of seeing me dance to these songs (and maybe I should have kept it that way). The following video is meant for entertainment purposes only and should not make the viewer believe in any way that I actually think I can dance. Now that we have that out of the way....Enjoy:

30 Day Challenge

My Facebook buddy and blog follower Alaythea over at Rock n' Roll Hideaway is doing a 30 day blog challenge. Since I have been having trouble blogging lately, I figured that this would give me something to get my brain in the blogging mood again.

These are the topics for the next 30 days:

Day 1: A favorite song.
Day 2: A favorite movie.
Day 3: A favorite book.
Day 4: A favorite television program.
Day 5: A favorite quote.
Day 6: A moment you wish you could relive.
Day 7: Five things you couldn't possible live without.
Day 8: A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life.
Day 9: A photo you took.
Day 10: A photo of you taken over ten years ago. *might have trouble with this one* *hehe*
Day 11: A photo of you taken recently.
Day 12: A song that you want played at your wedding(or was played).
Day 13: A guilty pleasure.
Day 14: A vacation you would like to take.
Day 15: A person you admire.
Day 16: A song that makes you cry.
Day 17: An art piece.
Day 18: A time when you felt passionate and alive.
Day 19: A talent of yours.
Day 20: A hobby of yours.
Day 21: Something you know you do differently than most people.
Day 22: A website.
Day 23: A way in which you want to be remembered.
Day 24: A movie no one would expect you to love.
Day 25: A recipe.
Day 26: A childhood memory.
Day 27: A physical feature you love.
Day 28: A scar you have and it's story.
Day 29: Hopes, dreams and plans you have for the next 365 days.
Day 30: A motto or philosophy.

I might have trouble with some of these but we'll give it a go!

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Artwork

I bought a canvas back in the Winter time at a thrift store. It had a very ugly painting on it of fish and flip flops. (I'm pretty sure it was painted by a child) but for 50 cents it was a lot cheaper than buying a new canvas at Hobby Lobby. I wanted to paint a picture over it for Zoe's bedroom. Finally, this weekend I did it and I really love how it came out. I have never tried painting before except for the mural in Zoe's room. I know it's no Rembrandt but I think Zoe likes it! I was inspired by the artist Susan Van Horn. She does the cutest paintings of fairies and princesses. I sort of took her style and made it my own. This painting was really my inspiration. I didn't want to copy it though. I tried to make the girl look like how I imagine Zoe will look in 10 years.

Zoe's painting

and here is the painting hanging in her room.

Zoe's painting hanging up