Monday, September 21, 2009

The List, My 101

Here is my list!

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Let's broaden our Horizons!

1. Read the whole Bible
2. Read 5 books (5/5)
3. Try one new recipe every month (20/32)
4. Pray every day
5. Order something new off of a restaurant menu 10 times (3/10)
6. Learn how to crochet a hat
7. Get a Tattoo
8. Enter a Photo contest
9. Get a Passport
10. Beat (win) a video game I have started playing Little Big Planet
11. Participate in post crossing
12. Plan and host a scavenger hunt
13. Try letterboxing at least once
14. Learn to drive a stick shift
15. Send a secret to post secret
16. Do the "Love Dare"
17. Get good at french braiding
18. Make homemade chicken soup
19. Sell something on Ebay
20. Sell a photo
21. Go yardsaling at least once
22. Get up early and watch the sunrise.

Let's make something!
23. Sew a dress for Zoe
24. Sew a quilt
25. Paint a picture worth framing
26. Take a self portrait for 365 days straight
27. Get ABC book made
28. Make an advent calendar
29. Color an entire coloring book
30. Do a 365 project with Henry and Zoe.
31. Write a song
32. Finish Henry's scrapbook (to date)
33. Finish Zoe's scrapbook ( to date)
34. Frame a photo of something other than a person that I took.
35. Sing on video and post it to youtube
36. Do an ABC project of Zoe
37. Come up with a signature recipe
38. Make a loaf of bread from scratch
39. Paint a shark for Henry
40. draw a picture of my kids.

Let's get together!
41. Take the kids to the aquarium
42. Take the kids to the zoo
43. Make Matt breakfast in bed
44. Invite someone over for dinner
45. Plan and execute a progressive meal
46. Make 3 new friends
47. Spend an evening with each of my sisters, my mom and mother in law 1/5
48. Spend time one day a month with each of my children (their special day with Mommy)
49. Find Willow and write her a letter
50. Meet 2 more Pink Sheep
51. Send all my "Pink Sheep" friends a letter
52. Meet all of my neighbors.
53. Kiss my husband every day for at least 1 minute straight (unless he's traveling)
54. Have a bread bowl party
55. Have a big party for Matt's 30th birthday.

It's all about the Benjamins!

56. Pay off Credit cards (0/3)
57. Save $500 just for me to buy new clothes (guilt free) (0/500)
58. Have $3,000 in savings by day 1,001 (0 / 3,000)
59. Start a college savings account for Henry and Zoe (yes, I know I should have done this by

Let's start a photography Business!
60. Create a logo for my photo business
61. Get business cards
62. Get a business license
63. Take newborn pictures
64. Get a website

Let's make our house better
65. Organize the garage
66. Put baseboards in the dining room / hallway
67. Put moulding in Henry's room
68. Hang some pictures in my bedroom
69. Get new couches or at least a nice slip cover

Let's give back!
70. Give flowers to someone "just because"
71. Send a shoe box at Christmas (1/2)
72. Donate blood
73. Get on the bone marrow registry
74. Send a carepackage to a soldier
75. Do random acts of kindness on a regular basis
76. Make a cake to bring to work and share 5 times (2/5)

Let's get Healthy!

77. Get 30 minutes of exercise 3x a week (at least) (1/429)
78. Drink 6 glasses of water a day
79. Drink only water or milk for 1 week
80. No sweets for a week
81. Lose 20 pounds (20/20)(WOOT!)
82. Walk to work once a week or 143 times (4/143)Failed!
83. Go on a hike
84. Take a vitamin every day for a month.

85. Go away for a weekend with Matt without the kids
86. Go the whole time without cutting my hair (split ends, shape ups and bangs excluded)
87. Get a family portrait made
88. Spend one day a month internet and tv free (0/32)
89. Write a will
90. Go on a picnic
91. Clean out my cars
92. Plant a vegetable garden
93. Plant flowers in the spring
94. Potty train Henry
95. Read Henry all Dr. Seuss books (0/64)

List related actions
96. Save $5 for every task complete
97. Donate $5 for every task not completed
98. Write a letter to myself on day 1 and read it on day 1001 Letter written!
99. Blog about each item as it is completed. (2 / 101)
100. Inspire one person to complete a list(1/1)I think I've inspired more than 1! Yay
101. Make a new 101 things list and start all over.


Nicole said...

Very cool, Sarah! I am inspired. I may have to try this!

Scott said...

Hey Sarah,

Great idea for a list. I'm doing a lot of "self-improvement" stuff right now myself as I'm leading a youth small group Bible study at church and leading our First Place group at church, too. Did you use some software or site to make this list or just spitball it yourself?
Also, what's a "pink sheep" ? Totally love your banner, too...Did Matt help you pick that out? LOL!

ehudwill said...

Can I come to the bread bowl party?

Mrs Ashley said...

Awesome! Here is my 101.