Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Treasure Hunt!

Here is a short video of the treasure hunt ending with singing Happy Birthday. After the video are the clues that I wrote out. We had a chest that had a lock on it so before the treasure hunt I put the key on a string and tied it around the birthday boy's neck to hold for safe keeping. I think that added a nice touch to it.

Here are the clues I used for the treasure hunt, these were for 3 and 4 year olds (and one 6 year old) if the kids are older at your party you may want to make them a little more challenging.

The front door is where ye greet yer hearties
Sometimes we call 'em friends
Welcome to the pirate party
This is where the hunt begins!

This is where you get your mail, packages and bills
Go there fast and get your clue or else the scallywags will

Go to the place that ye watch tv, movies and other shows
This is where ye find yer next clue that is where ye should go.

This is where you find your snacks salty, sweet or fuity
You’ll also find your next clue to lead you to the booty

Avast me hardies listen up! you’re almost there you see.
Go to where you swing up high underneath a tree.

This is where you walk the plank and take a swim for pleasure

It’s also where you should look if you want to find your treasure!

I got lazy with the you / ye's toward the end but you get the picture!

I found this website that had a lot of pirate verbiage that can help you with your clues.

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