Sunday, January 30, 2011


Yesterday, I needed to go grocery shopping and was feeling uninspired. Same old same old stuff again. I had looked at before and I thought it looked like a great idea. So, I decided to try it out. It is $15 every 3 months ($5 a month) and every week they give you 7 meals and a shopping list. You can choose a family plan, low fat plan, low carb plan, vegetarian plan, even a couple's plan if it's just you and your significant other. They also have all of these by store. I usually grocery shop at Wal-mart so I chose the Wal-Mart Family plan. So far it has been good. Last night we had loaded baked potatoes with garlic bread and salad. Tonight we had crock pot beef stew with corn bread. It was so easy to just print my list, check off what I already had in the pantry and go to the store. So far the recipes have been really simple. I'm hoping that by doing this we will save money on groceries and eat out less. I'll let you know what I think of it after the first week is through.

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Papa and Grandma Cox said...

I might have to check that out ! sounds like a great idea.