Friday, November 21, 2008

Our new tradition

Over the last couple months Henry and I have started a new tradition. I only work half a day on Friday so when I get home from work we eat lunch and go to the library. It gives Henry and I some alone time and it is a good opportunity for Henry to get some new books to read. He loves to look at all the books and pick one out to read. I'll pull one off the shelf and say "how about this one?' and he'll say "ok mommy!" then he'll run to the couch they have in the seating area so that we can read it. I can usually gauge wether he likes the book or not. If I think (or know) that he liked it we check it out. We usually get 3 or 4 books and a dvd for him to watch. I usually have to remind him to be quiet because he gets so excited. One of the best things about our new tradition is that it's free. Libraries are awesome!


The Ritchies said...

So fun! My dad took us to the library every Sat. when we were kids and it meant so much. These are the kinds of things he will never forget!

mom said...

You liked the library too and always wanted to take home the Burl Ives record.