Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas cookies

Today I started making Christmas cookies. Henry helped make some gingersnaps, and we made a pound cake that did not turn out so good. I also made gingerbread dough. I plan on rolling it out and making gingerbread cookies tomorrow after church. I also made a chocolate cake that I am going to use to make cake balls. I've never made them before but they sound delicious!

Henry loved helping me add ingredients and stir. He also liked sampling!! Here are a couple pics. There is also a video because Henry decided to be scared of my mixer today and he claimed it was because it was loud and would wake up Zoe. The video is him trying to explain why he doesn't want to help.

Here's Henry modeling his apron and cookie smile

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Henry sampling some cake batter

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Grammie said...

He is too cute!