Friday, December 5, 2008

Decorating the tree with a two-year-old.

Well, we got a tree today and I was very excited about decorating it with Henry. First I brought the tree in and gave it some water in a pitcher. There was some water left over that Henry decided to pour on the floor (he was trying to give the tree water.) After cleaning that up, we went out to the garage to get ornaments. I set a box in the driveway and went back in to get more. As I came out I see Henry smashing a crimson ornament on top of an already smashed orange ornament. "Henry! What are you doing?" I exclaimed. I didn't get mad at him, I chalked it up to him being a curious 2-year-old. I explained to him that you are not supposed to do that and if he breaks anymore mommy is going to be mad. Well, let's see, how should I put this?? I got mad several times!! The whole experience was disastrous. I'll post a picture of some of Henry's destruction. I hope that decorating the tree with a three year old (Henry) will be a more pleasant experience!!

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The Ritchies said...

Our experience went much the same way! 6 ornaments down..