Friday, January 9, 2009

Vote on My Blog Names

OK, now that I've had some suggestions and an idea of my own I'd like everyone to vote on their favorite. I will put a poll up for a couple days to give all my readers a chance to vote.

1. She's a Peach. this is my idea taken from a line of a song by Burl Ives called Sarah the Whale. the song goes like this: In Frisco town there lived a whale, They fed her peanuts by the pail And washtubs and bathtubs And sailboats and schooners. Her name is Sarah and she's a peach But don't put food within her reach Or babies, or nursemaids Or chocolate ice cream sodas She loves to smile and when she smiles You can see her teeth for miles and miles And her tonsils and her spare ribs And things too fierce to mention Now what can you do in a case like that There's nothing to do but sit on your hat Or your toothbrush, or your best friend Or anything else that's helpless. My dad used to sing this to me when I was little.

2. Serendipity - suggested by my Aunt Shelly

3. Simply Sarah - suggested by Katie

4. Sarah's Mixed Berry Pie- suggested by Kelly

5. Shoprite Ballet - suggested by Mom

1 comment:

mom said...

I didn't really think that ballet in shoprite would work. I like your story about the Burl Ives song. You wanted to check that out of the library every week. I don't think any other child in Phoenicia ever got to hear that album.