Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kids Activity - Ice Trap

A friend of mine showed me this activity on a blog and I thought it would be an activity that Henry would enjoy. He did, but not really in the way he was supposed to! I wish I could remember what blog I got the idea from so that I could give them credit!

This is an activity that needs to be premeditated because it involves freezing a bowl of water. Gather some of your child's toys from around the house and put them in a plastic bowl (for some reason I think that glass might break in the freezer but I don't know if that's true or if it's my crazy brain playing tricks on me).

Fill the bowl with water and put it in the freezer for a day or until the water is completely frozen. I found that some of his toys floated so I only filled the bowl half way with water then when it froze I added more water to the top so that the toys would be in the middle of the ice.

When the ice is frozen wait for a hot day and take the bowl outside.


Dump the ice out of the bowl and arm your child with several tools to try to get the toys out.

Henry tried a spray bottle to try to melt the ice....very slow moving...


Then we tried a garden spade. After that we tried


a hammer. Any chance Henry gets to use a hammer he is all over it.


At this point he started to get frustrated so I suggested to him that we put the ice back in the bowl and drop it. He loved that! After a couple drops on the concrete, Success!


After this, Henry proceeded to pick up the chunks of ice and throw them as hard as he could onto the concrete until the toys broke free. I did not take pictures of this part of the activity.


I'm no expert, in fact far from it, but I have to believe that this activity is not only fun but helps you child learn cause and effect and problem solving.


Papa and Grandma Cox said...

That was a great idea ! Henry looks like he enjoyed it.

Grammie said...

I think that would be fun at any age. Freeze Matt's toys next and let him at 'em.