Friday, May 26, 2006

27 weeks

Well I am 27 weeks this week and I am feeling good. I am going to the beach this weekend so I get to wear my maternity bathing suit for the first time.

I had my gestational diabetes 3 hour test done yesterday because I failed the glucose tolerance test last Friday at my Dr. appt. I think I just ate too much sugar last Friday.

I had to do a special diet Mon - Wed this week and then I couldn't eat or drink anything after Midnight Thurs. morning. I showed up at Mary Black Hospital at 7:30 and they registered me and sent me to the lab where they took my blood. After they tested my blood they brought me a very sweet, flat orange soda that I had to drink in 5 minutes or less. Then I just had to sit and wait.

About an hour and 15 minutes later they took my blood again. More waiting and two episodes of Roseanne later took my blood ...then an episode of A Different World and the Cosby Show later took it again. I got to leave at 11:30.

So....let's hope everything comes back ok!

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