Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol - I'm old

Tonight the theme was songs from the year you were born. Certain people are really becoming obvious front runners this week. I hope that more people vote for Allison this week. I know, I should vote but I'm too lazy.

Danny Gokey -Stand by me

I didn't really like the arrangement of the song but he sang it well. I thought this allowed him to show his vocal abilities. apparently the judges agreed with me because they all said exactly what I just wrote! I like his new glasses tonight as well.

Kris Allen- All she wants to do is drive
he has the same birthday as my sister Becky. Kris shared in his video that apparently he wanted to be a taxi car driver when he was a kid. I've never heard that one before. Kris got to be surrounded by screaming girls this week instead of Matt. Luckily he did a better job than Matt last week. This was not a "wow" performance but it wasn't awful either. I think he should have picked a better known song. I wasn't familiar with this song.

Lil Rounds - What's love got to do with it?

She sang it well. started off shaky but ended well. I thought it was a little forgettable. I agree with what the judges said too, it's not all about if you can sing or not. All the contestants can sing well or they would not have gotten this far in the competition. at this point they need to be more than just a good singer.

Anoop - True Colors

Anoop felt bad about how he reacted last week and his parents took a lot of pics of him as a baby. I love this song and I think he sang it well.

Scott - The search is over (I think that's what it was called)

Scott was without the piano tonight but played the guitar (badly). Based on that performance he's a good candidate for vote for the worst. I didn't like it. was a little too much for him. He was straining and out of tune. I hope that this is his last week! Please America!

Allison Iraheta - I can't make you love me

Allison was born when I was in 9th grade! yikes, I'm Old. She did great this week much better than last week. She does have one of those voices that stands out, she doesn't sound like every other singer out there.

Matt - part time lovers

I like Matt doing this type of song much more than rock type songs. he did great.

Adam Lambert - mad world

simon gave adam a standing o! I,ve never seen him do that. I thought it was a good performance. Adam was born to perform. He has got to really mess up in the next few weeks to not be in the finale.

Top performances this week, Adam, Matt, Allison

OK: Anoop, Danny, Kris

Not good: Scott, Lil

Prediction for bottom 3: Scott, Allison, Lil

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