Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol - movie soundtracks w/ barbecue sauce

This week on American Idol the contestants were supposed to sing songs from movie soundtracks. They were given advice from Quentin Tarantino. They announced that because they ran over last week two judges will judge each contestant tonight instead of the usual four.

Allison Iraheta- Don't wanna miss a thing

Quentin thought she did good. I thought she did great. She made the song her own. Simon thought she is the girl's only chance of getting far in the competition. I totally agree.

Anoop - everything I do

Quentin thought that Anoop should "rough it up a bit"

I have always loved this song. Anoop gave me goosebumps tonight with his performance. Kara and Randy liked him too. He had a weird jacket on.

Adam - Born to be Wild

It was very high energy. His range is just amazing. I can see what Simon is saying about some people not liking it since it is a classic rock song that he changed completely.

Matt Giraud - Have you ever loved a woman

He did alright. The falsetto was shaky. Compared to the first three performances of the night. it was no comparison.

Danny Gokey - Endless Love

Danny was glasses-less tonight and he had a bit of a beard going. I thought that he did good. I am disappointed along with Simon. I want him to go far in this competition but he needs to stop doing karaoke versions of the songs.

Kris Allen -Falling Slowly

I've never heard this before but I liked it. It was a little pitchy like Randy said but it worked.

Lil Rounds - The Rose

I agree with Simon. Lil is too boring. She sang it beautifully but she is no competition for the rest of the singers.

My bottom 3 this week: Matt, Lil, Danny (yes Danny) I hope that Lil goes home though.

Oh and no one said Swagger tonight, sorry kids.

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