Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol - Rat Pack Standards

Kris Allen- The way you look tonight. Jamie Foxx likes him, enough to work with him after AI is over. That was impressive! I thought Kris sounded good, I like his style and I think that he is my favorite right now. I don't think he will win but I think I would buy his album

That's what she said moment "It was a little bit wet" -Simon Cowell

Allison - someone to watch over me

she did really good, but is it enough to keep her around? Simon thought she might be in trouble this week and I think he may be right. Not because she did awful but just because the competition is so steep right now.

Matt Giraud - My Funny Valentine

Matt is vote for the worst's new pick this week. Despite that fact, he did pretty good but a little pitchy. Simon liked him Randy didn't. His voice is suited for this type of music and he picked a pretty difficult song to sing. I think he may be in trouble though.

Danny Gokey - Rain or shine

Danny rocked the house with the ending of his song. He reminded me of Taylor Hicks again. The judges had the Swagger count going tonight. I thought they had forgotten their favorite word of the season.

That's what she said moment "I'm gonna keep this short" Paula

Adam Lambert- New Dawn (this isn't the title but I can't remember it.)

Did good like always. Adam has the Swagger down. He has an aura to him that says "I'm great and you should think so too" but not in a smug way, in a x factor way.

That's what she said moment: "My mouth falls open every time you perform." " you make me feel better than good" Kara

Re-cap: Allison, Matt and Danny are bottom 3 tonight - I hope that Matt goes home but I am scared for my girl Allison.


Katie said...

Thanks for the laughs...
I laughed out loud at your that's what she said moments. I thought everyone did really good. I think Matt will go home before Allison. At least I hope so.

mom said...

I did not get to watch it last night, thanks for the information.