Tuesday, May 5, 2009

American Idol Rock Night

Today's blog is somewhat short as I was trying to clean up a little while watching the show instead of taking notes. The contestants sang duets with eachother, a first for Idol.

Adam - Whole lotta love

I agree with the judges I think he did a great job. There's not much to say about Adam except that he is going to win the show at this point. I will be floored if he doesn't! He kinda went crazy with the bedazzler on his leather jacket but I guess "rock stars" are supposed to dress kind of garishly.

Allison - Cry Baby

The judges didn't like Allison, are they serious? They're just being nitpicky at this point! There are only a handful of people who can sing that song and do it justice and Allison is one of them. She was kind of getting frustrated with the judges and finally talked back.

Kris and Danny - Renegade

I think they sounded really good harmonizing together. I agree with Simon that Danny did better than Kris.

Kris -Come together

He made the song sound modern and I think he did a good job, I again didn't agree with the judges!

Danny -Dream On

It was a little bit strange especially the high part and the screech at the end. He was dressed a little strange for the rock theme.

Allison and Adam Slow Ride

I was looking forward to this performance for the whole show and it was worth the wait. Their voices sounded great together.

It is so hard to know who America will send home this week because they are all good!! Based on last night's performances Kris and Danny will be bottom 2 and Danny will go home.

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Mom said...

I agree with you that Danny and Kris will be in the bottom, but I think Kris will go home. we will wait and see. I think that Adam will probably win.