Sunday, May 31, 2009

Potty training Day 3

Today was not any better than yesterday. In fact it was worse because there was poo involved instead of just pee. The stress factor was a little better since Matt was home to help with Zoe. I feel bad for Matt tomorrow when I go back to work and he will be alone dealing with this. I don't want to go back to diapers at this point because I feel like it would backfire on us the next time we try. People have suggested that maybe he's just not ready but the author of the book assures the readers that any child over 22 months is ready. Maybe she's never met a child like Henry! He knows when he has to go but refuses to go once he gets on the toilet. He is very stubborn! The good thing about the book I'm using is that the author will allow you to ask her questions. I wrote to her this afternoon asking for advice because I am at a loss.


The Ritchies said...

I totally get what you mean about feeling like you are taking a step backwards with going back to dipes or pull ups. We were in the same spot about a month ago. For a month she stayed in pull ups and continued to have accidents. It dramatically improved once she stayed in the panties. I don't totally agree with the author- I really don't think every child is developmentally able after 22 mo. I know Ava can't stay dry all night, for example. I wake her up in the middle of the night so she is dry in the a.m. I think if you stick with this for another 2 days and it is still hell with no improvement, then I would wait another month and not feel bad. Maybe try pull ups so it's a compromise? If there is ANY improvement at all, consider it a grand success and keep pluggin along. This is the approach I have taken.. and Ava is very stubborn and strong willed as well. Best of luck, pretty!

Papa and Grandma Cox said...

I am proud of you for wanting to keep on trying. I will continue topray for patience for you and Matt, and for Henry to "get It". Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.
Love you