Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Finale Tonight

The end is near. (of American Idol that is) This season has been full of many changes ups an downs, and in and outs. We had a fourth judge added to the table this season and though she seemed to offer a different insight to the show and had more creative things to say than Randy's usual "yo, you can really sing dog" it was a bit much to have four judges each week. Paula was more sane this year than she has been in a while and her critiques were well thought out. They had a top 13 instead of top 12 and for the first time the judges were able to save someone from elimination. It gave Matt an extra week on the show but didn't help him to win it all. I didn't write a review of last week's show because it was a total farce and it was blatantly obvious to everyone in America that the judges and producers want Adam to win the whole shebang. It has been pretty obvious to me for the past few weeks but it really took the cake when Simon basically begged America to vote for Adam.

Adam and Kris both would be great winners but Adam is definitely the one to beat at this point. Kris is my favorite, he was a worship leader of a church at one point and I have a fondness for worship leaders since my husband is one :) Adam has the charisma to truly be a star for many years to come. I just don't know whether I would like the type of music he would do. Who knows? He might suprise me.

My favorite performance this season has been "Tracks of My Tears" performed by Adam. My favorite contestant was Allison and I hope she goes on to be a successful singer/musician!

Watch tonight as they battle it out for the title of American Idol

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Hawk said...

I hope Adam does good.