Thursday, May 14, 2009

We're going to the Zoo!

We are going to the NC Zoo on Saturday, which is fun in itself, but the real reason I'm so excited to go is that I am going with 2 people that I have "talked" to almost everyday for the last 2 years and have never met. We met on and are part of our own group called the Pink Sheep.

We are all scattered throughout the country from NY to CA from Illinois to Mississippi. Stacy lives in NC, Steph lives in VA and I am in SC so we are trekking to what is seemingly our halfway point in Asheboro, NC.

Rain is in the forecast (40% chance) but we are forging ahead hoping and praying that the rain holds off!

I'm excited that Henry will get to meet Shawn and Callie who were both born in the same month as him. I hope that the kids are in good spirits and that we have a wonderful time. I know that I won't want the day to end after it's over. I really hope that one of these days we will be able to all meet. We always joke that if one of us wins the Lotto we will pay for us all to go on vacation together. We have even suggested that we all move into the same neighborhood together! Can't wait to meet you guys on Saturday!

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olvia ashley** said...

Aww that is soo cool!
I bet Zoe and henry will love the Zoo.
Have a great time =]