Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Couch Potato no more!

Before having kids, looking good in a bathing suit (or my birthday suit) was my motivation for losing weight. It never kept me going. I'd always burn out after a couple months or once I lost weight I'd take a break and gain it back.

Since having children I really don't like the way my body looks and I would like to feel confident again. Matt thinks I look great and always makes me feel beautiful but I want to think it too. After Henry was born I knew that I would have another baby eventually so I really didn't even think about losing weight or exercising. (what's the point if I'm just gonna blow up like a balloon again and have to do it all over again, right?) Recently Matt and I have decided that we are done having kids. We feel as if our family is complete. I always thought I would have three kids but two just feels right. I can't imagine adding another child into the mix. This decision has motivated me to get into shape so that I can stay that way for the rest of my life. I want to be healthy and strong. Sure I want to look good too but that isn't my main motivation.

Today is the fourth day in a row that I have gotten off my butt to do some exercising. I have been trying to avoid eating junk too. Not a diet but, really, with the way I was eating, it's a true miracle that I don't weigh 300 pounds. I basically would eat whatever I felt like eating.

I'm going to do something that is sort of a faux pas and tell everyone my weight. So few people do it, I'm not sure it is even legal for a full grown woman to tell anyone who is not a medical professional her weight. I am putting myself out there. If it wasn't for my readers I never would have finished cleaning my house back in August. I knew that you all were counting on me to finish it and so I pressed on, even when I didn't feel like it. Now I'm hoping that you, my readers will encourage me to reach my fitness / weight loss goals.

So here it goes:
Starting Weight: 178 pounds
Short term goal (60 days): 165 pounds
Long term goal: 150 pounds

I plan on giving little updates every couple weeks on how it's going. I'll probably do a "weigh in" in a month from now and then at the end of 60 days.


Hawk said...


Katie said...

Good Luck! I know you can do it. Maybe this will help me to get off my butt... as I sit at my desk eating junk food. HAHAHA!

Alaythea said...

Good for you, girl!!! It's amazing how much of a confidence booster working out is! Even if it's just the first couple of days, knowing you are doing something to better yourself will bring your confidence up just a notch, and then as you lose weight it gets even better! But don't focus too much on the weight...according to the scales I'm down just 12lbs but I've lost two pants sizes and I'm almost to my goal size of a 4!!! I'm thrilled! Make sure you take your measurements and look at those more then anything!!! I've lost a lot of inches so I am happy with that! How tall are you?!

Hawklady said...

Alaythea, yeah, I'm gonna take measurements tonight too. I know that I'll build muscle which is why my goal is only 13 pounds. I'm 5'3"

Alaythea said...

Oh ok...well you have 3 inches on me then! Lol! I'm at 137 now, my goal is 120!

Jennie said...

Best of luck, Sarah! I think you have the right spirit to get great results. I'm on a similar quest right now. I'm not all about reaching a certain number either, as much as feeling better about myself and fitting into my clothes. You can do it!