Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Relief - repost

Please check out my blog from yesterday. I am donating $.25 for each comment to Haiti relief. I have 5 comments between my blog and where it transfers on Facebook. I have almost 350 friends on Facebook and 31 followers on this blog. I had visions of 100 comments or more! Come on people it only takes a second to leave a comment. I know $.25 doesn't seem like much but it adds up! Sorry, don't mean to be so bossy :)


Jeff and Elise said...

Go Sarah! You're great for doing this, thanks for lighting a fire under out butts :)

SjMac36 said...

OK, Sarah, here's my comment. I love what you are doing here! I think the thought of no water to drink is horrible and I ache for those who have lost homes and family members.
Carol Veith

The Barnes Family Blog said...

Great idea!!