Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm a 12!!! Update on my weight loss.

Remember back in January where I vowed to lose weight? Well, I didn't do really good at first. I don't remember what happened but I slowly stopped working out and started back to eating what I wanted to. This was me January 20th.


April 12th I decided to try again but didn't tell you because I was too embarrassed about being such a failure back in January. I started the Insanity workout. This is what I looked like on April 12th a couple pounds lighter that January (literally) I was 176.

My knee has been bothering me this past week but I did Insanity for about 35 days and then my knee couldn't take it anymore. It was so swollen, my right knee was visually bigger than my left and I couldn't kneel on the floor without having a sharp pain in my right knee. The swelling has gone down considerably and I can tolerate kneeling although it still hurts. I did a low impact workout today and will continue to until my knee is 100% again. I really don't want to do damage to it. I am still doing the diet even though the Insanity workout is out of the question right now. I weigh 167 today! I'm sooooo close to that 10 pound mark and I'm hoping I'll reach it this week (well surpass it really). I also have other exciting news. I went and bought a pair of size 12's this week at the Gap Outlet (love that employee discount that Matt gets!) My size 14's were falling off of me. I didn't even have to unbutton them to pull them down! Here I am today.

My Size 12's!


mownik said...

you look amazing sarah!

Alaythea said...

That is so awesome, Sarah! I remember when I started P90X and my pants started falling off - and that first time I bought an 8 and then a 6 and's a great feeling! I'm pushing for that next size down now. I've really fallen off bad with my eating, but kept up with the works out and still gained 2lbs. So I'm back to eating right tomorrow....we are going to the beach in Sept and I want to get down below my goal weight by then! Keep it up, your results are awesome! I'm so glad that people are discovering and loving Beach Body programs, they work!

Jennie said...

INCREDIBLE, Sarah! Congratulations!!! I hope you know how inspirational this really is to so many (myself included!). I cannot believe your transformation and can't even imagine how happy you are with your results! Keep up the amazing work and thanks for letting us be a part of the journey with you!