Wednesday, March 16, 2011

American Idol - Week 2 - in a loose mood

This week the contestants had to sing songs from their birth year. I cannot tell you how old this show made me feel! One of the contestants was born in 1995, 1995 people! I am old enough to be her mother. : / Can I just point out before we begin that I was 2 for 3 in the bottom three prediction last week and hit a home run on my prediction that Ashton would go home. Let's see if I can get it right again this week.

Naima Sang "What's Love Got to do with it?" I thought she did a great job, she was a little pitchy but I like how she made the song current and moved around the stage. I'm not sure about her outfit choice but she did her thang. Grade: B

Paul Sang "And That's Why They Call it the Blues" and it was just ok. Maybe I'm not as much of a Paul fan as I originally thought. I just can't get past his weird movements on stage. I'd like to hear him sing a song of his own, I think I would like him better. Steven Tyler said that he was a "cool dude in a loose mood" Grade: B

Thia sang "Colors of the Wind" and it was pretty but it was boring, especially put up against all the other great performances tonight. It seemed like she forgot the words at one point and she seemed very nervous, the vibrato in her voice was going Crazy! Grade: C

James Durbin sang Bon Jovi's "I'll Be There For You" and I was a little disappointed. He sang it ok but I think he could have chosen a better song, I loved that Steven Tyler pointed out that he was getting a little too "pop" LOL. James is very likable and has great stage presence so I think he'll be fine this week. Grade: B

Haley sang "I'm Your Baby Tonight". Can I give a little side note into what this song makes me think of? One day in 7th grade I stayed home from school sick and I laid in my room listening to the radio and every time I hear that song it takes me back to that day. Anyway, back to American Idol....I thought Haley did good. I like Haley and I hope she sticks around for a while. I felt bad for her that her make up got messed up, I guess that happens on Live shows though!
Grade: B

Stefano sang "If you don't know me by now" and was so amazing. He's just so great!
Grade: A

Pia sang "Where do Broken Hearts Go?" and I loved it. She is really beautiful, has a great personality and presence. Most importantly, that girl can sing! I really don't get the kind of outfits like she was wearing, it reminded me of a baby romper but she still looked good anyway.
Grade: A

Scotty sang "Can I Trust You With My Heart" and was also amazing. I'm telling you, some of the contestants really brought it this week! I loved when Scotty's parents sang "Baby lock them doors...." It was perfect, so funny!
Grade: A

Karen sang "Love Will Lead You Back" and she was also boring. She sang it well and looked great, nothing really wowed me about the performance though. It was forgettable. I really thought her mom was the sweetest!
Grade: B-

Casey sang Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit", a first on American Idol. It was definitely a risk and we'll have to see what America thought of it. I thought it was a great performance and as always, loved Casey!
Grade: B+

Lauren sang "I'm the Only One" and was so much better than last week! She really rocked it. I love how she shows her personality and sings her heart out.
Grade: A

Jacob sang "How Do I Get You Alone" and as always, was unbelievable! How does he sing like that? It is not human!

Grade: A+

I'm not as confident in my predictions this week but here we go: Bottom 3 will be Karen, Naima, and Thia or Paul (not sure which). I think that Karen will go home

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