Wednesday, March 23, 2011

American Idol- Week 3- Motown - Unleash the Beast!

So, not to gloat or anything but I was totally right again last week on who would go home. It's kinda scary :)

This week the top 11 sang hits from Motown, let's get started on what I thought of the performances.

Casey started the night with his version of "I Heard it Through the Grapevine". Performed by such artists as The Temptations and the California Raisins. Casey put his own special spin on there. The beginning of the song had a little too much growling for me but the end was much better. There was NOTHING karaoke about his performance and it was definitely entertaining
Casey gets a B+

Thia was next up singing "Heatwave". She listened to me and the judges last week and decided to do something a little up-tempo for us. She looked beautiful, as always and she sang the song great. There was still nothing about the performance to make me want to vote for her though. She seems like a nice girl, I'm wondering if maybe she is just a little too young for the competition.

Jacob sang "You're All I Need" and the producer (Jimmy Lavine) suggested that Jacob pull back a little bit, which I thought was excellent advice. He was brilliant, like always. The judges even gave a standing ovation which doesn't happen too often. Heck, Steven Tyler and the whole first row went up on stage and gave him a hug which, has never happened.
Grade: A+

Lauren sang "Keep Me Hanging On" It was good, I kind of wish they had let her put a little bit of a country spin on it since that seems to be her niche. She performed and sang well. I was a little scared that she might trip over her long zebra print dress, thankfully she made it through!
Grade: B+

Stefano was next up and shared some of his mother's leftovers with Ryan.........Stefano sang "Hello" and Jimmy also suggested to Stefano that he pull back a little. The judges wanted him to connect to the audience a bit more and I agree with what they said. That would really make him shine because we all know that boy can sing!
Grade: A-

A little aside here: Did anyone else think it was terrifically awkward when Ryan had Gordon Ramsey / Ramsay try Stefano's Mom's leftovers? I felt really bad for her!

Haley sang "You've Really Got a Hold On Me" and she sounded great. I was glad that she didn't tumble down the stairs in those high high heels she was wearing!
Grade: A-

Scotty sang next with a country version of "For Once in My Life" and I think that what they did to the song was a good move for Scotty. I don't think he could have sang the Stevie Wonder version of it and sounded believable at all! A little aside that isn't really important, but I still want to ask. Does the way Scotty holds the mic bother anyone else? It just annoys me for some reason. LOL
Grade: B+

Pia, lovely Pia sang "All in Love is Fair" and as the judges pointed out it is her 3rd ballad. She really needs to sing something more up-tempo next week. She did sing beautifully and I loved her, as always!
Grade: A

Paul took my advice last week and played his guitar tonight. He sang "Tracks of My Tears" which is one of my favorite Motown songs. He messed up the words at one part but, I'll forgive him for that because the Paul that I love is back! Tonight's performance reminded me of why I liked him at the beginning of the season.
Grade: A

Naima was up next singing "Dancing in the Streets". I totally disagreed with the judges tonight. I thought her outfit was hideous, I mean, some gnomes could live in her pants! She was pitchy and I thought the dancing was strange and weird. I might be in the minority. I'd like to know what other people thought.
Grade: C

James Durbin was in the "pimp" spot tonight and sang "Living for the City"

He sounded great and he really picked the perfect song to sing. Nothing much more to say other than I really enjoyed it!
Grade: A

This week is tough because they all really did well tonight. The only performance I didn't like was Naima but everyone else seemed to like it.
I am totally guessing when I say, Thia, Naima and Haley will be bottom 3. Thia will go home. I really have no idea this week though!

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