Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Number 69, Done!

I got to cross number 69 off my list and it has been one of my favorite's so far! I got a new couch and recliner. I know that most of my readers are also my friends on Facebook so this may be old news! But, I have to blog about each item, (it's on my list!)

Here are pictures:

New recliner:

we opted to get a recliner instead of a loveseat, more comfy!

and new couch:

we got leather because we figured it would be easier to clean, the kids hands tend to be constantly covered in peanut butter and jelly or some other substance you don't want to get on upholstery.

and just for fun, a pic of me lounging on my new couch. :)


this was our old furniture, just so you have some perspective on how badly I needed new furniture!


what you can't see from here are the holes in the cushions of the couch and that the middle back cushion was ripped at the seam. You can really tell from that glider how old it is. I put the loveseat in my bedroom. It wasn't used as much as the couch and was in better condition. I liked the idea of a sitting area in my bedroom and I like having it in there so far. The couch got picked up by a bulldozer this morning. I watched them drop it in the back of a dump truck and beat it into submission with the claw of the bulldozer. I am contemplating what to do with the glider. I think it will probably end up on the road for trash pickup next week. (unless somebody wants it)


Katie said...

Your new furniture looks good! You will love having leather. It just wipes clean. Great for kids and dogs.

☼¨`*•.♥RocĂ­o♥.•*¨`☼ said...

Your new Furniture is Fabulous!
I totally love your picture in B&W!!!