Friday, June 16, 2006

The Big 3 0

Well, I am 30 weeks now and at most (I hope) 10 weeks left. I know that it is going to go by so fast. I discovered that I have stretch marks yesterday. What a bummer! I was so hoping that I wouldn't get any. Oh well, I guess they are battle scars for growing a child inside my body.

I have a doctor's appt today and I want to ask so many questions all of a sudden. Usually when I go they say "do you have any questions?" and I always say no. but today I have a million. I have never seen the dr. I am seeing today so, hopefully he's nice. If he's not nice, I'll wait until next appt. to ask my questions. I'm such a scaredy pants!

Tomorrow Matt and I are going to take our newborn care class so we will be parenting pros after tomorrow! Well, I at least will feel a little bit better about what to do with this helpless little human when he comes out for the first few months anyway.

I want to go see Nacho Libre tomorrow too. I hope that we can, it looks very funny. Jack Black always cracks me up anyway.

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