Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back to work!

I’m back to work from maternity leave and it’s almost like I never left. I just jumped right back in to my job with no problem. I have a new boss and I hope to make a good impression on him since he had no say in my hiring and just kind of inherited me. So far we seem to get along great. He seems pretty nice.

I had an interesting maternity leave. It went by way too fast though. I had a baby by c-section and had my gall bladder taken out all in 6 weeks. Fortunately, Zoe is a good baby. She sleeps well and hardly ever cries. Henry (now 22 months old) didn’t always understand why I couldn’t pick him up or why I couldn’t get up and play with him while I was feeding Zoe. I think he is starting to understand that Zoe isn’t going anywhere and that he might as well face that fact that he has to share me now. I am going to have to share the story of the “plum picker” in a future blog. Probably one of the funniest things that happened on my maternity leave. Stay tuned.

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