Tuesday, March 10, 2009

AI - Michael Jackson Week

So this is when Idol is officially started. The big stage, the big crowd, the top 13 performers out of thousands who auditioned. Tonight they introduced the judges in a whole new way, usually the judges are seated at their table but tonight they walked out on stage, something that probably added to the rush at the end of the show. This week's theme is Michael Jackson and because there is a top 13, instead of the usual 12, two people will be leaving the show tomorrow night. Simon also revealed that there will be some sort of twist this year in the results, wonder what that could be?

First up tonight was Lil Rounds. She sang the Way You're Makin' Me Feel. She is a great singer, great personality, very likable. I thought she did a great job. If I voted I would vote for her.

Scott Macintyre: Keep The Faith. I thought it was just OK. I'm not a big fan of Scott's and I really feel like he made it this far simply because he is blind and people feel sorry for him. He seems like a nice guy and he is a very talented pianist. The piano playing was better than the singing for me though.

Danny Gokey - P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing). I like Danny a lot. People have given him a lot of flack over using his wife's death to get him far in the competition. I don't agree. I believe that the producers of AI exploited her death but not Danny. I thought he had great vocals and great stage presence. I could tell from his performance that he sings in church. It just had a churchy feel to it. Simon didn't like his dancing but I thought it added a lot to the performance.

Michael Sarver - You are not Alone. I'm not a big fan of his. He is just OK. I could see him possible doing a country album. He had some flat moments on this song but I don't think it will hurt him. He is very likable. People will vote for him anyway.

Jasmine Murray- I'll be There. The producers really want her to stay in the competition. She is the first contestant to get a one on one interview with Ryan Seacrest. They're really trying to sell her to the audience. Jasmine did better than I thought she would at the beginning but by the end of the song she seemed to be struggling. The whole performance was kind of karaoke too. Is it just me or does she look kind of alien like? A pretty alien though.

Kris Allen - Remember The Time. I like him, he definitely has that teen girl vote. The guitar seemed a little off from the band at the beginning of the song but it got better as the song progressed. He is a good performer.

Allison Irahetta - Give it To Me. Love Her! She is one of my favorites. She has great presence on the stage and she sings high notes like it's effortless. She needs to get better at her interviewing skills, I want her to stick around for a while.

Anoop Dog - Beat It. I agreed with the judges, it was very karaoke. He looked like some college frat boy singing at a karaoke bar with his necktie on . I hope that America keeps him around for next week. I like him and I want him to have another shot.

Jorge Nunez - Never Can Say Goodbye. (I swear I wrote this before the judges even said anything) The arrangement was very old fashioned sounding. He chose the wrong song. I liked him in the last round, I'm wondering what America will think this week.

Megan Corkrey - Rockin' Robin. This was a strange performance. Her dress was weird, the dancing was awful. I like her voice though. She at least sounds different than the average singer.

Adam Lambert - Black & White. Adam did awesome, He was born to perform. He has a great voice and stage presence. I think he'll be in the top 4 for sure.

Matt Giraud - Why? He did a decent performance but Adam was a tough act to follow. He is a good pianist and has a good voice. I'm afraid that he was forgettable.

Alexis Grace: Dirty Diana. I did not like her outfit, it was strange. She sang decently, she did tend to shout toward the end of the song. I hope that the number fiasco won't hinder people from voting for her.

My prediction for who's going home: Matt Giraud, Jasmine Murray or Megan Corkrey


Katie said...

After you showed me the pictures of Adam Lambert, he kinda creeps me out. He did good, but still creepy.
Good review. We'll have to see what the big twist is tonight. I think the judges get to vote who leaves and who stays. Kinda like on Dancing with the stars.

Hawklady said...

That's what I think too. I will be disappointed if that is the twist.

Papa and Grandma Cox said...

I liked your review, good job.
After last nights show I predict that a guy will win this year. I know a lot can change between now and the end, but I predict Adam or Danny will win, I hate that I am sort of agreeing with Paula but that's my feeling after the first show.
I think that Megan (Rockin Robin), Scott (Blind guy) or Anoop will go home tonight.
I agree about the new twist, I think that the jusdges will have the results and they will choose who out of the three bottom vote getters go home. Well let's all watch tonight and see the results !