Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Idol - Whatever week

So, the theme this week was, well, whatever you want to sing I guess. It started out pretty bad and there were only a couple great performances for me. There are a few singers tonight who just seemed to pick awful songs. I don't get it when they say " I picked this song because I like it" If I were on American Idol I would pick songs that I'm good at singing and that America and the judges are going to like. It's like they forget that they are in a competition and they think they are singing for their own pleasure.

Anoop - Caught up

Anoop was one of the performers that I referenced above. He should not sing songs like this, Not good, he seemed very out of his element and I think Simon summed it up when he called it a "wannabe" performance. I think Anoop is in trouble with that performance.

Megan Joy- Turn Your Lights Down Low

Another artist who said that she picked the song because she likes it and once again it was not good. She may be in trouble tonight.

Danny - What Hurts the most

He had some pitchy moments but it was a good performance anyway. I'm sure that it was tough singing this song without crying thinking about his wife. Not the best of the night but I think he's safe.

Allison - Don't Speak

I thought she did good. the Judges didn't say much about her singing but spent too much time worrying about what she was wearing. Yeah, it wasn't the greatest outfit or hairstyle but who cares? She sounds great!

Scott - Just the way you are

This is the first time in the competition that I have enjoyed one of Scott's performances. I think he is safe from being in the bottom 3 this week.

Matt- Something by The Fray, I didn't catch the name (oops! my bad)

Another singer who sang something for themselves this week. After being in the bottom 3 last week you would think he would sing something that would make America want to vote for him. I really like Matt and I'm hoping he is safe this week but I'm pretty sure he'll be in the bottom 3 again.

Lil Rounds - I surrender

Maybe it is because It came through different on the tv screen or something but I thought this was awful. It was painful to listen to for me. It was very old fashioned too. The judges seemed to think she sounded great so, I don't know... I think she is safe.

Adam - Play that Funky Music

Weird song choice BUT I loved it! I'm starting to warm up to Adam. He was fun and entertaining tonight and sang really well.

Kris Allen - Ain't no Sunshine

Loved the arrangement, especially the breakdown part in the middle of the song. Besides the goofy monkey faces that Kris makes it was a good performance. I think he's safe.

Bottom 3 this week prediction: Megan, Anoop, Matt


Katie said...

I agree with everything you said. I don't want to like Adam, but it is hard not to like him. He puts on a great show. So...what about the That's what she said...there were a lot of them last night

Hawklady said...

I didn't hear any that's what she said moments. You must have a dirtier mind than me!! :)

They did say Swagger 3 times though!

Papa and Grandma Cox said...

I agree with your comments. I think Megan is one of the prettiest contestants ever on AI but she needs to go. If it was a beauty contest she would win. I am sticking with danny, adam and alison for the final 3. adam does this weird thing with his tongue when he sings that bugs me a little. he seems very humble, but that could just be great acting. Danny's humbleness is real. Alison is 16 that's why she is having fun and wearing weird clothes, she will grow up.