Sunday, March 8, 2009

I started planting seds

I bought some seeds and some starter dirt(not sure what it's actually called) this weekend. Henry, my hand model, is proudly displaying the seeds I got in the picture to the left. Henry helped me plant the tomato and pepper seeds. He had a lot of fun helping me. First I had him help me pour water on the dirt one 1/4 measuring cup at a time to make it expand. Zoe wanted to help too and at one point did get her hands on the bowl of water.

After the dirt was nice and wet we planted the seeds. I used this as a little mini lesson on counting. We put 3 to 4 seeds in each section so I had Henry count out the seeds for me. He had a lot of fun and I'm hoping that he will continue to enjoy helping me with the garden this year.

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The Barnes Family Blog said...

I just bought seeds...just need to see if I brought our starter set or if I have to buy a new one!