Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama's Youth. Disgusting!

Read about Obama's (Hitler) Youth program:

It is mandatory and the practicing of religion is prohibited.

This is ridiculous!! What if I don't want my children participating? I'm all for volunteerism but this is very scary. What ever happened to the freedom of religion?

What would happen if a "youth" did practice their religion? would they be arrested? blacklisted? be unable to get a college loan or grant?


Katie said...

This is scary...what is the world coming to??

The Ritchies said...

Could that really be true? I can't imagine it. Off to google for more info. Love the new pics is amazing!!

Hawklady said...

I certainly hope it is not true!! Let me know what you find out Mindi.

The Ritchies said...

Hi Sare,
I couldn't find much about it except stuff from Sept. 08 when he was running. Maybe I googled the wrong words?