Thursday, June 18, 2009

Doorknobs and Hammers

This door has no doorknob.....


This is what happens when:
a. there is a locked door
b. a crying baby on one side and
c. a momma on the other side.




That's one way to do it!

Of course, after knocking the doorknob off, the door still wouldn't open. I called my parents and my dad came to the rescue! Poor Zoe, she didn't understand why I wasn't coming in to get her. Henry may have locked the door but he kept me sane during the whole ordeal. First he made me laugh by saying "you need to get your keys!" "mommy get your keys and unlock the door" then he got a spoon to help me get the doorknob off. While waiting for my dad to get to the house he told me "mommy, you need to sit down and relax, let's sit down and relax a minute". I love that boy, even though he locked his sister in her room!


Katie said...

Nice work on the door knob...
looks like you showed it who was boss!

Papa and Grandma Cox said...

Henry is so sweet !

The Barnes Family Blog said...

Maybe Henry thought Zoe needed privacy or some alone time or maybe even a time out! I'm glad you got it off and that Henry kept you smiling through the whole ordeal.