Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Potty Training Day 5

Well, as I posted yesterday, Henry peed on the potty (twice) the only problem is that he only peed because he started peeing in his underwear and we were able to set him on the toilet mid stream and he just let it flow. I'm hoping that today he will sit on the potty before he starts, that is the goal!! We made a big fuss over him going on the potty so we just will keep on doing it. I called Matt a few minutes ago and Henry has already peed in his underwear this morning so he is still being stubborn. (he also wet the bed last night but he has wet the bed everynight). We just are being calm / not letting our frustration show and we are hoping that this will make it so that there will be no advantage, for him, to keep going to the bathroom in his underwear.

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