Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm starting my workout regime.

Well, it's official, we are going to the beach in 6 weeks and I look like....well, to put it delicately a woman who has been either pregnant or breastfeeding for the last 3 years.

I went to Walmart last night to pick up a few items and while I was there I decided to try on some bathing suits. Bad idea. Did you realize that the mirrors in Walmart dressing rooms add about 30 pounds and make you look pastier than you really are, oh they also make you look 5 inches shorter too. (how do they sell any clothes in that store? haven't they heard of "skinny mirrors"?) Obviously I didn't buy a bathing suit and I was embarrassed enough by how I looked that at 8:15 last night I popped in an hour long workout video!

I am doing the slim in 6 workout tapes. I bought these a long time ago (probably 6 or 7 years ago now) and I'm dusting them off to try again. My wonderful husband is doing the tapes with me. It's great to have a workout buddy! I need to take a "before" picture so that in 6 weeks I can take an after pic and show them side by side. I would post the before now but I don't want to scare little children.


Melissa said...

lol....I'm sure you look fine! When did you have your last child? I was watching television the other day and saw that the one piece was in style again! yay! and spray tans and sunless tanners are all the rage!

Hawklady said...

My last child was born May 08 so I really have no excuse except that I finished breastfeeding her in May 09. (Breastfeeding makes you really hungry!)

Katie said...

You can do it!! Just stay away from the oatmeal creme pies! Good Luck! If you want a walking buddy, just give me a call.