Friday, September 10, 2010

Coffee Tawk with Sarah

Well, here I am again drinking a cup of coffee and in the mood to blog. I crossed a few items off of my list yesterday that I had been meaning to for a while.

First off #20 Sell a photo - thanks to my dear friend Elizabeth for wanting to display one of my pictures in her home! She wrote to me yesterday and asked if she could buy a signed 11 x 14 of this picture.
Liz is also a photographer! Here's her website. They do very unique photoshoots, check them out if you are in the Red Lion, PA area!

The next item crossed off is 61 and 62 get business cards and get a business license.

A very exciting one for me and one that I, if I was being totally honest, never thought I would achieve. #81, lose 20 pounds! yay! I'm hoping to lose about 10 more. Matt and I have decided to start working out again starting Monday.

and #27 get alphabet book made! I'll share some pics of it later.

anyway, I think that's it! so now I have 18 items crossed off, I'd better get moving, I only have 656 days left!


Jennie said...

Congratulations, Sarah!

Honestly, the weight one on my list seems less and less achievable with each passing day. MAJOR kudos to you! You're such an inspiration!

And way to go on the photography. You are truly amazing!

Papa and Grandma Cox said...

Keep up the good work !

Alaythea said...

Awesome, girl! Are you starting up Insanity again? I think when I get back I am going to start doing a combo of Insanity and P90X and I'm going to start the Slimfast diet just to get about 6-8lbs. off! I may have to have you do some pictures for us photographer is moving away!