Monday, September 6, 2010

Finding my Joy!

Tomorrow I am starting this online photo class called finding Your Joy. Willette, the photographer / designer that is teaching the class describes it like this:

When you really look at all the photos you have of your family, how many photos are there of YOU? I discovered after printing my family photos for the year, that I was only in a handful of photos out of over 1000 photos. Finding YOUR joy is my personal quest to better document my own life (and my quest to help you do the same). I would hate for my children to see all of our family photos and wonder where I was (when in actuality I was there…I was just behind the camera). This three week online e-journey will help you explore how to capture your own life in photos and how to escape from always being behind the camera.

I think it will be fun and I plan on sharing some of the pics on my photo blog. This week's assignment is simply to take 20 self portraits. Stay tuned....

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