Thursday, April 6, 2006

20 Weeks today

I am 20 weeks today. I am finally at the halfway point. (that is if I carry him for the full 40 weeks.) I feel him move every day now and its so exciting every time. I just stop what Im doing and concentrate on my belly. Its kinda funny that my belly is so big that (to me) it actually makes my butt look small. It hasnt gotten any smaller it just looks that way.

I am so excited, we finally went and bought a washer and dryer last night (that was the biggest check Ive ever written in my life). They are supposed to be delivered today after 4:00.

Im glad that I dont have to go to my moms house to do laundry anymore, it was a lot nicer than the laundry-mat but its very annoying to have to take up half a day a week to do nothing but laundry, its just a lot of waiting and watching TV when I could be doing something more productive with my time.

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