Friday, April 28, 2006

23 weeks

I am pregnant. I woke up with a charlie horse this week and I'm still limping around 2 days later. (If my dad is reading this, I actually read in a book that night that leg cramps are common during this stage of my pregnancy!)

Speaking of horses I have eaten like a horse this week as well. Wed. was secretary's day (or Administrative Professional's day to be PC) and the company took us to Kanpai Tokyo which is a restaurant where the chefs cook in front of you on a grill. I ate Hibachi Vegetables with rice and Jumbo shrimp then we stopped at Brusters Icecream on the way back to the office and I got a waffle cone with two scoops and I ate the whole thing! I didn't even feel full afterwards. I didn't eat very much for dinner that night though.

Other than my leg, I feel really good this week. I have a lot of energy and I haven't been having any weird mood swings either. I am starting to feel a bit awkward with my belly. I can't pick things up off of the floor or get out of my car as easily cuz my belly gets in the way. I can't imagine how it's gonna be in a couple months! Maybe I'll get used to it. Well, everyone have a good weekend!

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