Thursday, April 13, 2006

21 weeks today

Current mood: indescribable
Category: Life

I'm feeling the baby alot lately and my belly just keeps getting bigger. I will try to put a picture of my big belly on sometime.(if you all want me to). I think that it might be cool to get professional pictures taken of my belly maybe with Matt kissing it or something. Do you think that would be weird?

I was sad to see Bucky go last night...... mostly because he isn't Ace!!! Why do people vote for that Ace guy? grrrrrrrr (that's the sound of me growling in frustration) Bucky does live pretty close maybe I could meet him. He seems like a nice guy.....would I be a stalker if I tried to meet him? Maybe I should invite him to tea. (I would have to make him some sweet tea though) and his wife and twin brother could come too! then we could sit around and I can help him practice looking into the camera with puppy dog eyes like Ace.....I'll let y'all know how that works out.

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