Monday, August 31, 2009

30 days to clean - A success!

Well, my house is clean and it only took 30 days to do it. Now the challenge will be keeping it that way. Winston Churchill once said: "Success is not final, Failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts."

My maintenance plan is simple. Each day of the week I have assigned a room or area of the house.

Monday - bathrooms

Tuesday - dining room / Living room

Wednesday- mop the floors

Thursday- Kitchen (obviously dishes will be done daily. This day is for clearing clutter off of the counters, cleaning out the fridge etc.)

Friday- Toyroom

Saturday - bedrooms / laundry day

Sunday - Rest, family fun day

Now I will be flexible on this to a point. For example if I come home from work on Tuesday and I just am tired and don't feel like doing anything I can double up on Wednesday or if we want to go to the Zoo on Saturday I can do the bedrooms on Friday and Sunday etc..

September is going to be my 30 days to organization so I will be doing a little mini project each day on top of the cleaning.

Ya know how most people have a "junk drawer" in their house? Yeah, well I have hmmm, roughly....five or six.

This month I want to give my "junk drawers" a purpose and a meaning in life.

I would like to organize my garage too but I might save that for another month when it's not so hot. Maybe October would be a better month for this.

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Iktomi said...

good for you :) we're having our wedding celebration at our house the 3rd week of sept so i have to clean like crazy! and i have a month old son so that will be a challenge!!!