Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 3 - Bathrooms and some other notes

Last night I spent an hour cleaning and only got one bathroom cleaned. I thoroughly cleaned it though and it looks really good. Tonight I conquer the dining room. I plan on posting before and after pics of the dining room tomorrow. (I didn't today because I just don't think a bathroom is very exciting :))

In other notes I just want to write some things down for posterity sake because I know I'll never write them in the baby books and in a couple years I'll forget all the cute things my kids say and do. So bear with me as I gush over my children or stop reading.

Zoe is such a joy to my heart. She always is so excited to see me, or Matt, or Henry or food. She claps her hands and squeals with delight. She has a fish thing in her crib that attaches to the rails. She shows it to me every day when I go in to get her. She will go from standing to sitting, mumble something in baby talk, turn it on, look up at me with a big smile and clap her hands. Last night she was pushing a step stool around the house and walking on her knees. She just went up and down the hall....probably doesn't sound cute to you (if you're still reading) but I loved it!

Henry is not three yet but he has entered the "trying threes" He tests the limits daily and it's so hard to be consistant with him. Yesterday he told Matt that he was going to take all his toys and put them on his pirate ship and sail away from here. When he saw that this upset Matt he told him "you can come with me daddy". On the other hand he can be such a sweet, funny boy too and this describes him the majority of the time. He has lately been obsessed with sharks and pirates. He also has made up a song about sharks, and yesterday made up a song about going to sleep. Do we have a future songwriter on our hands? Time will tell I suppose.

If you have read this far then you must really like me... :)

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