Friday, August 14, 2009

30 days to clean - Update

Some of my adoring fans have implored me to update my blog. The cleaning is going well. Over the weekend I cleaned the kids' rooms again although they really didn't need it, I decided that I need to get in the habit of cleaning even if I don't think it needs to be done. I changed the sheets on their beds, emptied their trash cans and swept the floors. After that I worked on my bedroom more which I think I have a good chance of finishing this weekend!! (fingers crossed) On Monday I cleaned the bathrooms, especially concentrating on the bathroom in my bedroom and it looks awesome. It's very small so it gets cluttered very easily. it is now clutter free. On Tuesday I organized the bookshelf in the dining room. I should take a picture of it for you to see. I didn't do anything the last 2 nights. Last night I did not feel well so I watched a movie (7 Pounds with Will Smith, I would recommend it) and Wednesday night I spent some time with Matt. I thought that I deserved a night off from cleaning. I pick back up this afternoon as I need to clean my kitchen.

I have a friend coming over tonight and I am very excited. I have not had a friend over in a long time (not counting my family). I honestly have avoided inviting anyone to my house because I have been embarrassed of the mess. Now that my house is looking good I can invite people over without being worried. I love this feeling!

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Papa and Grandma Cox said...

Day 14 - doing great. Half of the month down and it looks like the kitchen,toy room and your bedroom are left to do. I am proud of you!