Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First Full Week of my 1001 days

Although I started my 1001 day countdown last Thursday, Monday was the beginning of the first full week. Weekly goals include, exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes and walk to work once a week. I exercised Monday night and Tuesday night and it felt good (although my muscles are feeling a little bit sore).

I have not exercised for months and I'm glad I'm getting back into a routine again, I can't wait to do my workout tonight. In the past I have gotten bored with my exercise routine after a month or two but now I have Netflix which includes a "watch it now" feature that allows you to watch movies streaming on the internet. Luckily we also have an XBox 360 which allows the Netflix movies to stream to our television. There are a lot of workout videos on the "watch it now" feature on Netflix. I think that by using those it will help me, both my mind and body to not get bored like I usually do with working out. (have I mentioned that I love Netflix!?)

I will probably walk to work later in the week. It has rained every day this week and I would much rather walk when it is a non-rainy day thank you very much! (If it's rainy tomorrow and Friday I'll just walk twice next week to make up for it)

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