Friday, October 30, 2009

Warning: this may be boring for you....

I just wanted to write out some thoughts on life and my kiddos, I cannot promise that this post will not be totally self centered and maybe even uninteresting for you.

Henry is getting so big. He went to the Dr. Tuesday for his 3 year well check appt. he is 40" tall and 36 pounds, to all of you who don't have a chart nearby that's pretty big for a child his age. A height predictor online predicted that he will be 6'2" when he is 18. He's going to tower over my 5'3" frame! He surprised me the other day when we walked in the library, they had a little window decoration that said "Happy Fall" on it. Henry pointed at the window and said "that says Happy!" I was shocked. I said "yes, Henry it does say happy, I didn't know you knew that" he surprises me so much every day. We have started a sticker chart to encourage him to be good. He is struggling with trying to gain independence and get attention from me and be good. He sometimes pushes Zoe or takes a toy from her and then runs to tell me that "I pushed Zoe" he tattle tales on himself. He always gets in trouble for much attention can I give him!! I'm only one woman! He can be so sweet too. The other night I let him stay up late and watch "So You Think You Can Dance" with me. He just snuggled on my lap the whole time. On one dance he looked at me and said "maybe I can dance like that girl" I said, Henry you want to dance like the boy not the girl....My favorite thing about Henry is when he looks at me and says "Mommy, I wuv you so much!"

Zoe is so sweet, she is learning to talk. I need to write down her words sometime like I did for Henry. She has no where near the vocabulary that Henry did at her age but she is right on track and smart as a whip! She is so good at figuring out how toys work. She's going to do something mechanical when she grows up. Zoe loves to dance with Henry. We put on the Wiggles and she lights up and starts shakin her booty. She loves the dogs so much. She pets Abner and says "abby, woof woof" We are constantly having to stop her from kissing him because he would lick her face off if we didn't. It's so sweet because I remember the first day we brought Zoe home from the hospital she was sleeping in her carseat and we set her down. Abner stayed as close to her as he could and if Henry came too close he would growl at him. They have been best buds ever since. Buster is our Beagle and he doesn't really know what to think of the kids. We tell Zoe, "leave buster alone, he's a grumpy beagle" He has snapped at Henry and accidentally bit him before so we don't want to take any chances with Zoe. Zoe also has a great imagination. I caught her making a bottle for her baby doll the other day. She held the bottle under the sink in her play kitchen and made a Shhhhh sound like she was running water. She is always bringing me something (pretend) to eat in between her thumb and index finger. She is a clown, always trying to make people laugh. I love her tremendously!

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Iktomi said...

wow congrats sounds like you have wonderful kids! :D