Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Week-and memories of Halloween

Saturday is Halloween and I'm really looking forward to bringing the kids trick or treating. Last year I brought Henry but Zoe was too small (she was 5 months old). This year I think she is big enough to enjoy it. They are both dressing up like pirates. I am debating whether I should paint a mustache on Zoe or let her be a girl pirate. I think mustache would be funnier and could be used as blackmail later. Tonight I plan on carving jack-o-lanterns with the kids so stay tuned for pictures tomorrow.

I loved Halloween as a child. Every year I told my mom what I wanted to be and she would create wonderful costumes! I was so lucky to have a mom that could sew and was willing to take the time to! She could have just bought a cheap plastic mask. Two of my favorites were a poodle skirt, and another year a long red southern belle dress. Those two costumes got used several times by my little sisters.

My elementary school was in a small town in the Catskills called Phoenicia. When I say small town I mean don't blink or you may miss it!

Every year on Halloween all the kids in the school dressed up in their costumes after lunch and we had a big parade through the town. The old people would sit out on their porches and watch the parade go by. There would be fire trucks leading the way and the percussionists in the band would play a drum beat the whole way for us. It was truly one of the highlights every year. That night we would go trick or treating through the town. Some kids would just cause mischief; shaving cream, throwing eggs etc.. I never participated in that although it did look fun. You would drive down main street and see dozens of kids covered in shaving cream from head to toe. (and your car would be covered in it too, they showed no mercy!) One year my dad filled a fire extinguisher with water and we squirted the kids as we drove down the street. It was hilarious!


Katie said...

The Halloween parade was always the highlight for me too! I loved that we got donuts and apple cider afterward too. Can't wait till I have some kids to dress up for halloween.

Sandy/Mom/Granny said...

I just told your mom on Facebook that the kids no longer parade through town the way they used to. Now, it is on a Sunday and they parade to the Parrish hall. School got worried about noncustodial parents taking kids in all the chaos (we thought it was crazy fun) afterwards and they were afraid of losing track of kids. I understand that but hate the loss of innocence. I am glad this happened after my kids were out of grade school. it is just not the same no matter how hard the volunteers try. Remember all the adults lined up on the parade route to watch and what a big deal it was? And all the teachers and aides dressing up and participating too? Ah memories! Thanks for sharing!